I'm Jo Hobley
My interest in kinesiology and coaching came about several years ago when I was suffering with debilitating headaches. I’d tried various therapies and medication and wasn’t getting the results I hoped for.
A family friend suggested kinesiology as they had seen a huge improvement in their health after a series of sessions. I found a local kinesiologist and booked an appointment. Finally, someone was helping me to find the root cause of the headaches rather than just treating the symptoms. It took a few sessions to identify the combination of triggers causing the headaches and to make the required changes to reduce and, ultimately, eliminate them.
This discovery was life changing and, amazingly, led to several areas of my life evolving and this was the start of my journey to living a life I love.
Having experienced this evolution myself and knowing that the principles can apply to anyone, no matter what their symptoms are, I knew that I had to study, train and share this knowledge with others. So here I am, doing exactly that.
kinesiology federation
I’m a Kinesiologist and registered with the kinesiology federation. My sessions incorporate muscle monitoring, coaching and an abundance of tools and techniques to support you.
Jo Hobley